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Sleeping BeautyX [Upgrade ver]

3.99 usd

Sleeping BeautyX(KOR New paid apps) is ranked 3rd in just 7days.The first installment of The Legend of Tales.A Cruel fairy tale for Adults is Back as 3D RPG of advance.Venture a huge Maze and Confront against horrid Monsters!Simple Drag-and-Drop & Stylish Character Customizing System.Brilliant Skills & Various Tactics using 4weapons!
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-Update*ver4.3: Marshmallow Update. Server Save Available.-ver2.2.1: Wipi(money)balancing and early compensation.-ver2.2.0: basic skills early sales.-ver2.1.1: Can be saved and loaded from the server for 30days.-ver2.0.2: Bug(Infinite Hp) fixed.-ver2.0.1:More difficulty.Heaven: att:199%,hp:+10,AllDamage:33%,wipiDrop:-39%Hell: att:59%,hp:-3,AllDamage:169%,wipiDrop:255%-ver1.4.4-Fixed a saving bug after 2nd ending.-ver1.4.3-camera,attack button optimization, a low-end camera error correction, staff attack optimization.-ver1.4.1-After2ndEnd,Monsters strengthened.Optimized low-end devices.-ver1.4.0-Money Drop Increasing in the beginning of the game. Cache error fixed.-ver1.3.0-After1stEnd,weaponAdded inSacredVillage. hitAtt(1->2)fireAtt(1->1.5)per skill.-ver1.2.2-Mobile fonts optimization. Avoid balancing.-ver1.1.4-Critica&Spero skill Initialization bug fixed.-ver1.1.3-Difficulty level up after ending. Basic skill bug fixed.-ver1.1.2-The Attack Buttons Grow Bigger